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Vinyl fences

Vinyl fence, also called PVC fence, is durable, which makes it a popular choice for both homeowners and businesses. It requires little maintenance. You can select from a wide range of colors, including white, beige, and grey.

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Aluminum fences

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Aluminum fences are a durable choice and ideal for enclosures. It's available in black, white, green, and bronze colors. Use aluminum fences to enclose a property, but realize it doesn't offer as much privacy as other fences.

Wood fences

A wooden fence is a traditional style of fencing. You'll be able to choose from numerous wood types, including cedar, oak, pine, and cherry. Wood fences offer a natural choice that blends in well with the surroundings. You can paint or stain them.

Chain link fence is a galvanized wired fence. This fence type is ideal for creating an enclosure inexpensively. We can add slats to improve privacy. You can choose colors such as metallic, white, green, black, and bronze, or others.

Chain link fences